– September 10, 2015 –
We are collecting messages for Hiro’s 2015 birthday! (Oct. 12).


Hiro Birthday 2015 Image

Please click HERE to be redirected to the project page so you can leave a message for Hiro.!
We will be sending your birthday messages to Sanada san, in the early part of October.

Deadline for collecting messages is Thursday October 8.

Thank you for your participation!

Welcome to the REVISED AND UPDATED 2011 Hiroyuki Sanada Enthusiast!!! (HSE)
This is the unofficial but most comprehensive English Website dedicated to the world-class Japanese actor, Hiroyuki Sanada.Established in 2003, after The Last Samurai first introduced Sanada san  to audiences outside of his native Japan.   Site owner ‘Misty’ became aware of the LACK of information available about our ‘Hiro’ to the Western world.  She set her sights on changing that, and HSE was born!Through her extensive research efforts and  the support of some wonderful Japanese fans, Misty created the FIRST ENGLISH  website in his name, in order to educate a growing fan base about this remarkable actor and his impressive body of work.

Photo by:  Izumi Haswegawa  Hollywood Newswire. net

The HSE exhaustive film data base, covers his earliest career as a child  actor,  martial artist, his transition to more serious films, and his evolution onto the ‘world stage’.

Because of Misty’s unique  perspective, aided by her ability to speak both Japanese and English fluently, she brought this gifted actor to an international fan base, eager to know more about his illustrious career.

As she mentioned (jokingly) when i first corresponded with her, she almost went blind, watching all of his films from the past.  She then chronicled them, listing not only his films, but his TV work in Japan, his stage work in both Japan and London, adding a list of his accomplishments and the awards his work has garnered over the years.

There is not a fan outside of Japan who did not benefit from her efforts, in those early years, initially getting their Sanada san education from HSE.  

What we ultimately learned, through the articles and interviews she also shared and translated, is that the true BEAUTY of Sanada san was in equal measure, WITHIN the man.

(Special thanks to Ayame san, Rin Rin,  Akira, and Samurai, for the assistance they provided Misty in those early days.)

Journalist Izumi Hasegawa from Hollywood Newswire not only provided Misty with valuable information, but was so generous in allowing Misty to accompany her in a private interview where she had the opportunity to meet and speak with our Hiro in person!


This was created in order to PRESERVE and ARCHIVE  Misty’s original HSE.

To navigate, please click on the ‘FANS’ in the margin, which will open up pages to take you to LINKS from the ORIGINAL HSEit’s ALL here!   PLUS, we have updated the pages, enhanced them, and ADDED new sections for you to enjoy!    Please take your time browsing the ‘NEW LOOK’…and be sure to check out the  ‘WHO IS HIRO’ page  from the TOP bar….it has been updated as well!

As Sanada san’s  ‘Hiro in Hollywood’ phase of his career moves forward, we will  continue to update his efforts in the tradition that HSE created.    Misty will NOT be continuing to update her  HSN ‘news’ blog….HOWEVER, it will remain an archived site,  which can be accessed through the FANS or the links, below and at the top of the page.

by: rei 2011/2012


37 responses to “Konnichiwa!

  1. I am from India and passionate about movies. the last samurai is one of my all time favorite movie. and somehow mr sanada’s role in it moved me the most. he is one of the most talented actors and I have become a fan of his. thanks for making this website on him and letting us know so much more about this fascinating person.

    • I love him also why am I just finding this site. I thought I was alone in my obsession. Well better late than never

      • Same here :-) I’m glad to see mister Sanada is appriciated all around the globe, as it should be..

  2. This man is so incredibly sexy. I have never been attracted to a japanese man, but I saw him and flipped–he is super yummy!

  3. I just want to let you know that I liked the charecter Ujio the best of all the cast members in The Last Samurai. I am half Japanese, and I understand what you were trying to say with your charecter Ujio.

  4. Hiro is indeed a most talented Japanese actor, he is so well versed in martial arts and his acting is wonderful, he will expressed the feelings by using his beautiful and sexy eyes . I don’t understand Japanese language at all but I enjoyed watching his movies. I also bought a few of his music CD, his voice is sooo…..sexy…..
    Am glad that he has make a mark for himself in USA (Movies – The Last Samurai, Rush Hour 3, Speed, The City of Your Final Destination, 47Ronins…, drama serial – Lost 6, and now…Revenge…….), hoping he will star in more movies and drama serial and make him a well known star in the Universe…….

    • Hello i am from france and i am looking for his discography and a websie where i could purchase these cd s. I have searched for hours but i can only find 2 best of cd. Could you help me please? Arigato!

  5. A actor who everyone loves from the crew to his peers! Not one person has anything negative to say about Hiro. He muck’s in with the crew and those who have worked with Hiro say he is great person, humble and down to earth. While living in Spain in the early 80s my boyfriend thought that by taking me to the cinema it would improve my Spanish but no amount of dry cowboy movies were going to do that and what with my complaining he got fed up and pointed to the poster for Shoguns Ninja…OMG there was this Nippon Adonis, slim and muscled with fierce eyes…guess what we went to see that night. I had entered Hiro heaven although I did not know his name he lit up the screen. About 6 or 7 years ago I watched The Last Samurai, I’m no TC fan so my partner had to talk me into watching it. I became aware of this fierce Samurai who was vaguely familiar although I could not place him and I kept watching the DVD many times. My partner said you obviously like the Samurai who is in charge of the training the others because when he comes on screen that’s the only part you pay attention to. So I Googled him when the credits came up and my heart jumped when I seen the films he had been in and there was Shoguns Ninja,I watched a clip on youtube….OMG…there was the HOTTEST man in the 80s martail arts films now a fine actor, he has perfected his art. I have watched many Japanese TV series and films with Hiro in. Twilight Samurai always moves me to tears as does Tabloid, High School Teacher, Unmarried Family to name but a few. I want Sanada san to come to London (UK) and do some Shakespeare…..Measure for Measure would be a good one .

  6. I’ve been a fan ever since the 70’s.

    I want Mr. Sanada to make a movie that showcases his Martial Arts skills, his hand to hand ability!

    He should think about making something like Ninja Assasin. What would really be cool is if he’d make another Street Fighter movie!

    I’m talking Sonny Chiba’s Street Fighter, Mr. Sanada could play his son Tony Suguri, and dad has taught him very very well! The Yakuza in New York have kidnapped his sister, and Mr. Sanada has to come from Japan to save her.

    Just get Quentin Tarantino to direct this hardcore Martial arts movie and we have a guaranteed hit!

  7. I just saw The Twilight Samurai, and his composition role is exceptional. Apart from Toshiro Mifune, I think Mr Sanada is the best japanese character actor. I wish I can see him more in these sort of roles.

  8. hey hey ! !!! hiro is man !!!!

    i really felt in love when i saw you, you have perfect personality to be a wonderful actor! please don’t leave to do it.

    You’re the best HIRO! THE BEST! MY LOVE .

  9. One of the best actors in Asia. I remember the movies from 70s-80s: the Legend of the Eight Samurai is my best. Many thanks!!

  10. Am Ada by name and am from Nigeria. Your doing a good job out there by enlightening us on our “Hiro”.i watched him on rush hour and i became more intrested in him. Well done my “Hiro”.

  11. Very excited to see the movie 47 Ronin starring Mr. Sanada!

    I still want him to make a hardcore martial arts movie though, he should be showing how good his martial art skills are just like Jet Li, jackie chan and Donnie Yen!

  12. yes!!!!!!!!!! i want to know more about you, is for that reason that i’m looking all your movies. i’ve watched The Twilight Samurai, and thrust me WOW you’re awesome actor. i will follow your next movies. i can’t wait for wolverine movie and 47 ronin.

    I LOVE YOU HIRO!!!!!!

  13. thank you misty for this wonderful page,you doing a good job.i´ve learn a lot about this great actor.i wish to see more of him in the future,don´t give up!!!


  15. Many people now know about him because of the many American films in which he’s appeared in the las decade or so. I’m one of them. But the thing is I really knew him long before he came to Hollywood. Sanada has been a favorite of mine since he performed the role of Ayato, in the Message From Space series in the late 70s, But had lost track of his career due to growing up, school and other interests. It wasn’t until I saw The Last Samurai, with Tom Cruise, that I saw something familiar in Ujio. Then when I searched this name, I realized right away he was my favortie character from in my favorite tv series. I loved the other characters,too, like princess Sophia, Simon, Ryu, and Sidero. He was pure action. I love the intensity with which he plays his characters.

  16. What a great website dedicated to a great actor. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together. I really enjoy reading everything.

  17. I feel honored, that we are living together at the same time
    – we are somehow connected in this way !
    To say in words how i like Hiroyuki is not possible –
    It is not describable in words,
    just looking at him is a gift of HUMANITY and NATURE.

    He is transporting more than only a film character,
    I´ve never seen such aesthetic acting…..:)
    All moods+emotions are sending to the audience like a satelit, while watching him…
    conversations in scenes are not necessary –
    he´s speaking just only through his eyes…….!! He hits me in the heart !!!

    Hiro is really down to earth, this is what i see, how he looks, moves, speaks…….,
    and never forgets to be modest – the greatest character what a person can have.

    I weep with happiness that you´re existing!! MY BIG “HIRO”

    Your Diyana

  18. お誕生日おめでとうございます*\(^o^)/*
    Happy birthday from all my heart
    Im Arabic and mangaka I always drawing you and all my friends know you *\(^o^)/* ja na

  19. Le vi por primera vez en Hellix y cuando su personaje llora por su hija y no se atreve ni a tocarla,me emocione hasta el punto de llorar .Es usted un gran actor.07-02-2015 España,¡ah¡ tambien me emociono la primera pelicula que vi de usted , El ocaso del samurai, preciosa pelicula,,espero ver todas sus peliculas.Le deseo lo mejor.

  20. He is such a gifted actor and artist, I have seen every one of his films over and over, the way he shows his pride in his culture and the beautiful way he shows the way of the Samurai goes above and beyond anything anyone could expect Simply Amazing!

  21. Greetings from Bali – Indonesia Mr. Sanada, big fans of yours in Last Samurai, 47Ronin and more, looking forward to watch your new art work.


  22. Just wanted to let you know i think you are the greatest actor to ever play a samurai. The honor and respect to the samurai in every film that you have been involved in has been great to see. congrats on being the best ever, and thank you for the extra effort it takes to be the best…..

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